Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

I watched the film Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, which uncovers the secret to sustainability and investigates why no one is doing anything about it. In the first sequence, the audience is given a lot of exposition. It includes quotes, interviews, and lots of research.

The first frame of action starts with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. saying that we will remember all that was not said and our lack of action. Then displayed was a clip of an interview with the Executive Director of the Sierra Club. He talks about the environmental implications of pollution, but when asked about animal agriculture being a contributor he claims to not know what the interviewer is talking about.

It goes from serious music and then completely stops when he responds to his animal agriculture question, which definitely grabbed my attention. I became interested and realized that livestock could potentially be a cause of environmental issues, and lead me to think that the Sierra Club is avoiding something and not wanting to tell what it is.

The film is narrated by Kip Anderson who continues the sequence with his story of how he found out about animal agriculture and its negative impact on the environment. He educates the audience about the methane gas produced by animals is far more than the gas produced by all transportation combined. Kip sets it straight by saying that being sustainable by the environmental organizations terms is simply not enough. This set up the film’s train of finding out what actually is the sustainability secret and how can we as a nation can stop climate change.

After the first sequence I became concerned for our country and our world. I learned that animal agriculture is the leading cause of global warming and resource consumption. The most powerful people in charge are staying silent and are not taking action. We are literally killing our planet and no one is doing anything about it. I was distraught watching documentary because how could something so serious just being ignored. It involves the life of our world and these environmental organizations clearly do not care about humanity.

Kip’s story and research sets up the why of the film, which is why these environmental organizations are not acknowledging or admitting to the fact that animal agriculture is the leading cause of environmental changes. The how involves how this has gone unnoticed and how these organizations can turn a blind eye to this devastating truth.

Overall, I would definitely watch this documentary. I believe it was successful in educating me about environmental issues and the motives behind these environmental organizations. I thought the film was well thought out and very powerful with how they displayed the information.


Boss Baby

The animated film, Boss Baby, is a comedy about a 7 year old boy, Tim, adapting to his younger brother’s arrival. They begin to compete against each other in a sibling rivalry. Tim soon discovers that his baby brother is a spy and he tries to convince his parents that his brother is a spy on a secret mission. The film is which gives us insight to Boss Baby’s thoughts and Tim’s thoughts, who seemingly dislikes his new baby brother. It is an element that I believe is essential to this comedy. Hearing tim’s view of his situation with his new baby brother is hilarious to hear because it is very relatable to those who have been in a sibling rivalry.

The score for this film was very accurate because it made funny moments even more humorous. This is because the music was very accurate to the moments displayed in the film. In the entire film there are twenty songs. For example, the song “Survival of the Fittest” was the perfect song for the scenes of Boss Baby being created in the system and becomes a spy, instead of the majority of babies who become a part of a family. Another great example is the song “Welcome to Baby Corp”, because this song is very fitting for displaying a baby in a corporate setting dressed in a suit with a briefcase.

The sound effects in this film were amazing! Almost every little movement had a sound effect which helped to continue the story when there was no dialogue or music. It is very well done especially in the moments that the Boss Baby is being sweet and adorable with the parents and then when he is alone with his brother. When he is with his parents he is laughing and making sounds that babies make, but when he is with his brother he has a deeper voice like an adult boss would have. Sounds like typing on computer and doors shutting and closing are all crucial to making this film flow. They must have used foley for this movie because the sound effects are great.

The dialogue between the Boss Baby and Tim is very funny. It is definitely the highlight of the movie because it is so typical of two brothers to not get along and make the other one out to be the evil one. This usually happens if the older sibling is in denial about not having as much attention as they used to, so this movie is very relevant in that sense. The dialogue includes lots of bickering and very comic. It pushes the story forward through the narration. Overall, I enjoyed this movie and I definitely recommend it!